2018 Prizes

Dorset ASSET regrets to report that we were unable to award the usual cash prizes this year due to a lack of suitable technical projects being offered by schools and as a consequence we did not hold a prizegiving event.

It is suspected there has been a change in the schools’ curriculum which has resulted in a significant change in the approach to the teaching of the STEM subjects, in particular the change in emphasis from practical coursework to preparing for examinations.

The trustees were nevertheless able to award ten highly commended prizes of £50 to the engineering projects that were submitted. One went to Budmouth College, two to Thomas Hardye School, two to Corfe Hills School, one to St Edwards School, one to Bournemouth Collegiate School, one to Poole High School and two to Ferndown Upper School.

A number of excellent textile projects were received and the following cash prizes were awarded to five students at Ferndown Upper School, one student received the Gwen Kent Prize of £100 , one student received £75 and cheques of £30 each were awarded to three other students.

Lytchett Minster School also submitted textile projects and prizes of £50 and £30 were awarded. We were pleased to award a student at Budmouth College a cheque for £50 and the following five prizes to students at Thomas Hardye School, two of £40, two of £50 and the £100 Ety Al-Saab’s prize was shared between two students.

The David Cockbaine Shield was awarded to Ferndown Upper School for the quality of the projects that were submitted this year.

We were fortunate to have been given funding by the Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Foundation to enable us to offer £375 to first and primary schools to help cover the cost of coaches to take their students to science museums and country parks, so if any school planning a trip in the future wishes to take advantage of this they should contact their local Dorset ASSET manager or contact the Secretary directly.

Remember, if you are considering a project this year which you think may be good enough to win you a cash prize from, £500 to £50, contact your local area manager as soon as it is in a suitable condition to be assessed and we will do the rest. The area managers’ contact details can be found on our website . If no manager is listed please contact the chairman, Peter Taylor.