About Us

Dorset ASSET was born out of an organisation called ‘Neighbourhood Engineers in Dorset’ which ended in 2003. In the same year an engineer called Richard Valter died and left a legacy of £10,000 in his will, to provide an annual prize of £500 to a Dorset student for an outstanding engineering project.

It was considered that the best way to do this would be to start a charity called ‘Dorset ASSET & The Valter Prize Trust’ to be registered with the Charity Commission.

ASSET- an acronym for Assistance to Schools with Science, Engineering and Technology – would have as its objective the encouragement of students to study subjects at schools and colleges throughout Dorset, which would enable them to progress to higher or further education to become the scientists, engineers, and technologists of the future.

The charity offers cash prizes to students who submit worthy projects to the trustees for assessment. It also offers services such as mentoring, attending open evenings, after-hours clubs, and helping at problem-solving technology events.